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Fresh Off the Grid’, an online destination for all things camp cooking out of Bend, Oregon, took a “deep dive into lightweight backpacking stoves” and came up with the WindMaster as the “best all around canister stove” winner, followed a bit down by SOTO’s Amicus stove..


Highest rated stove on the PCT. The Pacific Crest Trail Gear Guide: Class of 2019 Survey ranks SOTO’s WindMaster stove at the top of their list based on 846 completed surveys. Read more about it at Halfway Anywhere..

“Soto has come up with a true winner of a stove in the Soto WindMaster, a cooking powerhouse ideal for adventure travelers needing a compact, efficient and easy-to-operate stove for backpacking, remote travel, and backcountry or other outdoor use.” (Therese Iknoian, HI Travel Tales).

SNEWS recently put the WindMaster stove to the test. Here’s what their tester at Great Outdoor Provisions has to say about “the stealthy one.”:

“Whether you’re a trail chef extraordinaire or merely boiling water in the backcountry, our gear tester at Great Outdoor Provision Co. claims you will get “fired up” about this stove.” [Read more.]



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Voted ‘Best All-Around Canister Stove’ by Off the Grid, 2022

Best All-Around Canister Stove: Soto WindMaster
More fuel-efficient than the lightest options, but lighter than the most fuel-efficient options.  The WindMaster offers the broadest range of positive attributes, making it one of the most versatile options. 

Product #: OD-1RXN

Boil 2 cups of water in under 2-1/2 minutes in strong winds and gusty weather. This well-made stove is able to stand up to harsh conditions.

The Soto WindMaster stove is designed so the pot sits close to the flame, making it more efficient in windy weather. Results in increased efficiency so boil time is quicker and longer. The concave design of the burner head creates the effect of a built-in windscreen. The 4Flex pot support works for a larger pot, but the smaller, TriFlex pot support, is available separately. An efficient stove for whatever size pot your adventure requires.

*NOTE: The WindMaster OD-1RXN which comes with only the 4Flex pot support replaces the previous WindMaster OD-1RXC that came with both the TriFlex and the 4Flex. The stove itself remains exactly the same.

The WindMaster uses the Micro Regulator valve system.

NEVER use with 100% Propane. Extremely dangerous.


Photo taken by Tianming Chen at Lake Wenatchee in Washington state.

Question:  Can I use a 1 lb green propane canister with an adapter made by a third party on this stove?

WindMaster Stove Specifications:
Output: 2800 kcal/h 3260w 11000 BTU
Duration: Burns approx.1.5 hours with 8 oz.(250g) canister
Weight: 2.3 oz.(67g) with the optional TriFlex pot support
3.0. oz.(87g) with the 4Flex pot support
2.12 oz. (60g) with no pot support
Dimensions: Optional TriFlex only (Stowed)/3.7 x 0.4 x 1.0 inch (94 x 10 x 33 mm)
4Flex only (Stowed)1.9 x 3.0 x 1.7 inch (47 x 77 x 44 mm)

This video provides information for replacing the Igniter on any SOTO MicroRegulator stove.


If using TriFlex, reduce size of pot to approx. 800 ml.
Maximum pot size: 2 liter
The maximum volume liquid should be 1.5 liters and under 3 lbs.
A 110g canister may not properly support a large pot. The maximum pot size should be reduced to approx. 1 liter.
If salty food spills onto the stove, clean off completely to avoid damaging the die-cast aluminum surface.

How to clean off burned on food from the WindMaster stove burner head:

  1. Unscrew the screw holding the burner head and the regulator valve base unit.  It is the screw securing the air pipe and the base unit.
  2. After unscrewing the screw, twist the burner head very slowly to disengage the air pipe from the base unit.  
  3. Carefully separate the burner head from the base unit.  Notice that the burner head is attached to the portion of the air pipe.  
  4. Note a dark brown heat-resistant plastic coated pipe inside the air pipe that is attached to the burner head.  Be careful because this pipe is quite sensitive and fragile.  
  5. Place the burner head unit into warm water for several minutes.  After the spilled food has softened, use a soft brush, such as a toothbrush, to gently clean the burner head.  If a hard wire brush is used, the mesh located inside the burner head will be destroyed.  Be sure to use a soft brush when cleaning the burner head..
  6. Repeat this process several times, until the burner head is free of food or burned food.  
  7. Allow the burner head to dry naturally by sitting out for several hours. To speed up the drying process, a hair dryer may be used.
  8. Reassemble the burner head unit:  The igniter electrode is located inside the air pipe on the regulator base unit.  Insert this electrode into the brown plastic sleeve gently and carefully.  Then, connect the burner head pipe and the female pipe that is part of the regulator base unit.  
  9. Using the same screw, tighten both units to secure.

SOTO's stoves are compatible with all major gas canisters on the market today. All major gas brand companies’ canisters are equipped with a Lindal valve. The connection for SOTO's stoves has been engineered to be compatible with the Lindal valve system thereby making it compatible with all major fuel canisters.   

The information on the 70/30% mixture indicated on the packaging of SOTO's stove is required  to meet standard guidelines. SOTO's stoves will work with any combination of butane, isobutane and/or propane gas mixtures.  

The choice of gas mixture is based on where the stove is intended to be used and the desired performance.


Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3.94 × .71 × 6.5 in

16 reviews for WindMaster Stove with 4Flex

  1. Preston

    Thank you so much for the O-rings. Much appreciated! The wind master is the finest stove I have ever used. What a great product, and company that stands behind it. I will be singing your praises.

  2. Evan

    If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’re looking for the best canister stove and you’ve found it. Top notch construction, fantastic performance in wind, the wide burner spreads the flame out nicely, reliable piezo ignition, and incredibly quiet. If you grab the TriFlex pot stand, you can take the one you want for your trip and leave the other at home. The tiny 3mm gap between the pot stand and burner is part of the magic in keeping this stove working efficiently in the wind. The burner control is fantastic, you can get this thing very low in fair conditions. I’d also recommend the Amicus if you’re looking for something a little simpler but the wider burner and 4Flex pot stand makes the Windmaster for an all-around winner to me. As a bonus, my experience with SOTO support has been exemplary. It’s great knowing they’re there for you and stand behind their products.

    If you haven’t tried a SOTO stove, do yourself a favor and do it, I can promise you won’t regret it. If you don’t believe me, check out Hikin’ Jim’s (Adventures in Stoving) review of the Windmaster, it’s his go-to stove, and that man loves himself a good stove.

  3. Kim

    I’m an old school camper, (campfire cooking, & eventually Coleman 2 burner).
    Now that I’ve started to bicycle camp with my grandson, we needed something we could count on without having to build a fire.
    This little stove is AMAZING-even my 11 yr old grandson loves it-he made us eggs (and my coffee)this morning & said “we should use this at home”!
    I’ve never used another Micro regulator stove before, But I read tons of reviews & would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this stove to anyone in the market for this kind of stove..

  4. Scott S

    I received the igniter and fitted it successfully. Thanks for your help with that, really appreciated it. Now my favourite hiking stove is fully back in action and ready for my next hike.

    The problem I was having was that the igniter would not click when I pressed the button. It seems that over the past 12 months due to having a couple of “boil overs” where I put too much in the pot and it boiled over and liquid seems to have gone into the igniter. On pulling the igniter apart I found that the large middle spring had rusted and the smaller spring in the red plastic push button switch had become clogged up and rusted from the spill overs and was no longer functioning. I cleaned the igniter springs with WD-40 and eventually was able to loosen the small spring and get most of the rust off the larger spring. I reassembled the igniter and it worked again.

    So some suggested maintenance for customers if they do get a boil over and liquid spills onto the igniter would be to spray the igniter with WD-40 or CRC at the end of the hike and perhaps put a couple of drops of machine oil (I will use baby oil) on the igniter before storage. This should prevent the springs from rusting.

    Well thanks again for your help and for SOTO making the best hiking stove on the planet. It beats any of the competition that I have used by far. I am sure I will have many more years using this excellent stove.

  5. Russell Kelly Jackman

    Thank you so much for making the suggestions which helped me to find and purchase the Windmaster stove! I am sooooo happy and I look forward to taking this highly acclaimed stove camping with me, just as soon as it arrives. Thank you so much for your helpfulness and especially for your kindness. You did good! 🙂

  6. Joe

    I first acquired the WindMaster in Spring of last year. I have used it around a couple hundred times, since I backpack both as a hobby and as a profession. From sea level to as high as 12.5k” (haven’t tested it any higher), I never encountered any issue with its functionality. I’m regularly asked by friends and coworkers about this stove, and the WindMaster’s impressive boil times in tandem with its ability to simmer has my friends tossing out their JetBoils to acquire one. Recently I contacted Soto about an issue I had and their customer service was wonderful. The only thing I dislike is that the product is that it doesn’t come with a hardshell case for protection. It’s not a big problem since I can store the stove inside of my pot while hiking, but it would still be a nice thing to have in my opinion.

  7. Bill Cole aka AZClaimjumper

    I’ve had & used my 4Flex Windmaster for a good 6 months. It’s worked everytime I wanted to heat water/food. I called customer support & asked for a set of O Rings that I wanted to have on hand in case I need a replacement while on a trip. They arrived within a week. I keep the extra set of O-Rings in the small sack that also holds the stove when not in use.
    I do wish I had a plastic or metal container with a screw on lid that I could keep my stove in when not in use rather than the lil sack that comes with the stove.

  8. Austin J

    Best ultralight stove on the market. Used for five years with 250+ nights in the backcountry, including Pacific Crest Trail, Inside Passage, and Alaska. With the one issue I have faced, customer service was incredibly accommodating and helpful. 10/10 product and company. Couldn’t recommend more!

  9. Mark

    Most efficient quick burning stove on the market. This stove is light, though I have used lighter ones. But those cheap lighter stoves take longer to heat the water, use much more fuel, and need and additional ignition source. Without the need for an additional ignition source, that makes this stove with the 3 plex about the same weight. Plus you get easier ignition, quicker heating, and your gas cannister lasts much longer. A no brainer for long thru hikes

  10. Alan

    I recently purchased the windmaster stove. what a beauty. I live in the Blue Ridge mountains and am constantly dealing with cold weather and gusting winds, I took the stove outback fired it up and was able to get a boil in 21/2 minutes and a roaring boil in 31/2 without a lid and 28 oz of water, all in 38* and gusting winds of 35 mph . Incredible stove. Just what I was looking for , wish I had this stove many expeditions ago. Totally recommend the wind master. You will not be disappointed! I have to say it would be nice to get that triple mix canister into the USA then we would be really fired up, thank you Soto for an amazing product!!!

  11. Sirio

    Excellent stove
    I use it in a windy island and now I spare a lot of gas thanks to the conception of the stove.
    Here my own video review:

  12. Nutronbomb

    It is the best top mounted gas stove ever invented in the modern era. Their use of a concave flame head design has now been copied by MSR and others, but this is still the best, and they came up with this design at least 5 years before the competition.

    Well done the Japanese for entering this crowded market, normally dominated by the US and Scandinavia, and coming up with something so utterly beautiful. It’s a great stove and works especially well with pots that come with an in built heat exchanger, if you don’t have these it dos’nt matter, as this stove will cook/boil so much faster than other designs with standard pots.

    Give credit, where credit is due and buy this stove – You will not be disappointed

  13. Waxler2

    This is the best canister stove on the market. Nothing else is as efficient or effective.
    It’s kuso umai!!!

  14. DaveK

    Recently purchased a Windmaster. It worked great despite the windy conditions in the Superstition Mountains. This thing boils water FAST and has the output to handle any size pot you might have. The igniter failed to spark early on in the trip (had to use a lighter), and there was an issue with the gas regulator not turning all the way off at times. Contacted customer support and was immediately taken care of with a replacement unit! Outstanding service and product. Highly recommend this product!

  15. Svetlana Furman

    the stove worked pretty well and boils quickly, didn’t try it in very windy conditions yet. I had an issue with the igniter, contacted customer service and got response the same day! Best experience ever!

  16. Corey Krafte

    This is an excellent stove. Great output and works very well in windy conditions just as advertised. I actually had an issue with the regulator on mine which I understand is pretty unusual. SOTO customer service was incredible and they sent me a replacement right away no questions asked. Great product and great company. Highly recommend.

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To clean base of stove, placein wram wter. Use a soft toothbrush to clean,

*The use of any windscreen with the WindMaster is prohibited. Doing so is potentially dangerous.

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