SOTO welcomes the opportunity to extend Pro Deals to industry professionals who support our commitment to enriching the outdoor experience. We offer special discount pricing as an incentive to product enthusiasts in the U.S. Of course, this special pricing is confidential and is not to be disclosed to anyone who is not participating in SOTO’s Pro Deal program. The products purchased through this program are for the industry professional’s use only and not for family or friends. It is SOTO’s firm belief that as industry professionals become more familiar with SOTO products, their enthusiasm for this brand will grow and they will be able to confidently share their own experiences with their customers.

The procedure for participating in our Pro Deal program is outlined below:

1. Email stating that you would like to join the Pro Deal program. Include the following information:
a. Employment verification from your store
a.i. Email address with company name
b. Product(s) to be purchased
c. Address to ship product to
d. Preferred carrier—UPS, USPS, FedEx

2. Upon approval, you will receive an online invoice. Once payment has cleared, the product will ship and you will be notified.

It really is that simple.

One final note: SOTO appreciates receiving photographs of outdoor enthusiasts using the products for possible use in future marketing materials.

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