We recently received a unique image of the SOTO Amicus Stove + Cook Set from an incredibly gifted photographer/adventurer. We would like to share with you her heart-felt words and her photograph.

I am an aspiring photographer with a passion for travel and adventure. SOTO products have been an essential part of many of my adventures. From the High Atlas mountain range of North Africa to the Himalayan Annapurna range, my SOTO gear has consistently and reliably provided water, food and what many a trekker savors most; a hot cup of tea after a long day on the mountain. This is a brand I believe in, this is a brand that I trust.


I hope [this photograph] captures the spirit of Japan; a wonderfully contradictory yet seamless blend between ancient tradition and limitless technology. Japanese design is characterized by precision and simplicity, a spirit and ethos captured by SOTO in its outstanding products. It is this aspect of Japan and Japanese culture that most left an impact on me, and I hope that is communicated through the photo. It was taken in Osaka in the famous Dotonbori district.
Gear pictured: SOTO Amicus stove, River pot and canister.

Shannon O’Keefe, Instagram: @shannonokeefephotography; Website: shannonokeefephotography.com.)

What do you think? Does this image capture the spirit of Japan?

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