Navigator Cook Set

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Multi-functional cookware.

  • Solo cookware for a day trip
  • Medium size for a group
  • Combine parts as needed
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Deep anodizing treatment for strength
  • Shock resistant and corrosion resistant
  • The Navi Cozy keeps hot food hot 6 times longer than without
  • Slip-on belt secures grip when in use
  • The Navi Duo Handle is both a handle and tongs
  • The Navi Multi-functional lid can be used as a cutting board, fuel canister stabilizer, or a convenient colander
  • A SOTO Original: Non-slip base on pot
  • Easy Clean-up

St. Wilderness Adventures uses SOTO’s Navigator Cookset

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Product #: SOD-501



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Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 3.6 in

1 review for Navigator Cook Set

  1. sarah witt

    I’m an experienced backpacker and have cycled through many cookware sets. But finally got my hands on one that works, and can recommend the Navigator Cook Set with absolute confidence, especially to those who have spent frustrating nights handling tiny ultralight pots or have struggled to find a quality, comprehensive backcountry kit! The two pots in the navigator set are adequately sized to cook for a group of three or four, but also aren’t so cumbersome that you wouldn’t be able to bring it for solo treks. The two pots are lightweight AND durable, the insulation sack really does keep the food hot, and the set is built with usability in mind—the handle/tong piece is ergonomic and smartly designed—can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost lost my dinner when trying to grip pithy handles on other cook sets! As a chef who is used to working on huge ranges with large pans, this kit is the closest I’ve come to having a “professional” experience on the trail—makes cooking on a tiny stove a cinch! And as the icing on the cake, the two pots nest together without clanking. Excellent product!

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