Stove Q & A

Question:  Can I use the WindMaster or Amicus stove with the 1lb green propane canister with an adapter made by a third party?
Answer:  NO, SOTO’s stoves are NOT designed and engineered to work with 100% propane gas. There are two important matters in relation to the use of such adapters.  
(1) Specification and quality issue: There is no way that SOTO can evaluate another adapter’s specifications and/or integrity.  Therefore, SOTO does not recommend the use of any adapters either on or off the market with any of the SOTO stoves. It is extremely dangerous if leakage of gas occurs as a result of using an adapter.
(2) The valve system on SOTO’s stoves is designed to work with the following gas combinations:
  • Butane 100%
  • Butane/Propane combination
  • Butane/Isobutane/Propane
Always use one of the above fuel combinations. Never use a SOTO stove with 100% propane gas.

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