A global celebration of coffee, bikes, and community.

(and you’re invited!)

#CoffeeOutside: a loosely defined social phenomenon whereby cycling enthusiasts meet at a specified time and location to hand-make coffee, enjoy snacks and meet with friends, outside, oftentimes despite the weather.

Don’t live in one of the host cities? You can still participate from wherever you are. Details below.


Anyone and everyone! Whether you are a coffee outside regular or have never participated before and want to meet up and join the fun, we invite you to attend one of the host gatherings.


RSVP, ride to the designated location at the specified time and make coffee with friends. It’s that simple. Hosts in 20 cities across the globe will be organizing coffee outside meetups and giving out prize packages to lucky winners. Refer to the map above for meetup locations and details.

Don’t live in one of the 20 hosted meetup locations? Don’t worry! You can host your own hangout and still enter to win the Grand Prize.


Saturday, October 1st – International Coffee Day! Meetups will start at 9am local time.



We want to take your #CoffeeOutside kit to the next level.

Here’s how it works:

> Live in one of the hosted meetup locations?

RSVP to that location’s meetup (see the list below for the link) to let us know you’re going. One lucky winner’s name will be randomly drawn by the local host to win the deluxe #CoffeeOutside kit.

London // Portland // New York // Montreal // Seattle // Toronto // Minneapolis // Los Angeles // Denver // Philadelphia // Atlanta // Medellín (El Retiro) // Halifax // Bentonville // Mexico City // Tucson // Reno // Lexington // Austin


1 winner will be randomly selected at each hosted meetup for the deluxe #CoffeeOutside kit.

Learn more here.

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