Pocket Torch XT (Extended)

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Compact, wind-resistant, refillable burner with telescoping burner head.

Great for starting campfires under windy conditions.

The flame reaches temperatures up to 1300℃ (approx, 2300°F).

Refill torch with Fill Adapter or gas lighter cartridge.

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Product #: PT-XT

Electronic ignition! Strong wind-resistant burner.

Compact, wind-resistant burner with extended burner head. Refill torch with SOTO’s Fill adapter or a gas lighter cartridge. The flame reaches temperatures up to 1300℃ (approx, 2300°F). Gas not included.

CAUTION: The torch may not ignite under colder temperatures or high altitudes above 5,000 ft. / 1,500m.

Pocket Torch Specifications:
Size: 3.5 x 1,8 x 11 to 18.5 cm (1.38 x 0.71 x 4.33 to 7.28 inch)
Weight: 50g (1.8 oz.)
Burner Diameter: OD 14 mm (0.55 inch) ID 12 mm (0.47 inch)
Flame temperature: 1300°C (Approx. 2,300 °F)
Flame size: Diameter 3 x 12 mm (0.1 x 0.47 inch)
Flame shape: Superfine centralized flame
Fuel type: The following fuels are compatible with the Pocket Torch XT:
1. Normal butane
2. Outdoor canisters sold commercially that contain a combination of butane, isobutane and propane (commonly known as 110g, 250g, and 500g).

WARNING: Never fill the Pocket Torch XT with 100% propane. 

WARNING: Use of any fuel other than what is listed above may cause an explosion.

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Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 1 in

2 reviews for Pocket Torch XT (Extended)

  1. Jason

    Fantastic lighter. The extension is not flimsy. Make sure you pick up the adapter to fill it from hiking canisters. It is fairly wind resistant and lights on all angles of orientation.

  2. Bob

    Pay attention to the altitude rating. They are not kidding when they say it will not operate above the prescribed altitude. Carry backup firestarter.

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