Thermostack Cook Set, Original

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“The Stealthy One.” See what else product tester, Joe Miller has to say about the SOTO’s Thermostack on SNEWS Gear Review.

  • 350 ml/12 oz Stainless steel cup
  • 400 ml/14 oz Titanium cup
  • Use as single-wall lightweight cup or lightweight double-wall cup
  • Lifter for ease of heating on camping stove

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Product #: OD-TSK

Thermostack Specifications:

Storage Size:
Diameter: 86 mm x height 110 mm
Total weight: 182 g

One lid for both the 350 and 400 ml (11.8 and 13.5 oz) cups:
Dimensions: width 85 x height 12 mm
Weight: 12 g/0.2 oz
Materials: Body: PP with silicone seal

350 ml/11.8 oz cup:
Dimensions: diameter 84 x height 98 mm
Weight: 80 g / 350 ml
Material: Stainless steel

Dimensions: diameter 85 x height 22 mm
Weight: 12 g/0.2 oz
Materials: Body: PP with silicone seal

400 ml/13.5 oz cup:
Dimensions: diameter 84 x height 94 mm
Weight: 50 g / 400 ml
Material: Titanium

Micro Lifter:
Dimensions: width 88 x depth 22 x height 22 mm
Weight: 13 g/0.2 oz
Materials: Anodized Aluminum, Stainless steel

Cozy/Storage Pouch:
Weight: 45 g/1.6 oz.
Materials: Tarpaulin, Aluminum evaporated sheet
750 ml pot can stow a 110g canister, a single stove, and Micro Lifter.
Stow assembled Thermostack in the 750 ml pot upside down.

Create a Set

Thermostack + WindMaster Stove + Field Hopper Table

Thermostack + Amicus Stove

Thermostack + MicroRegulator Stove



Additional information

Weight .07 oz
Dimensions 3.94 × .71 × 6.5 in

7 reviews for Thermostack Cook Set, Original

  1. Chacon

    Why is the inner cup no made out of titanium?

  2. Cindy Sekiguchi

    I’m not sure why you rated this product with 3 stars since it is not available yet. Is it only because the entire item is not made of titanium? That would be cost prohibitive.

  3. Israel

    I have a whitepaper on such a product and Soto beat me to the punch…..they solved a simple issue and there are a few things they could do to improve this design but otherwise i give them 4 stars… in shock they came up with this….i swear i have this all specd out and I sent it to Stanley to see if theyd have an interest in making it and they did but they wanted me to sign a release….Soto im not hating just suprised an idea i had came to market… far as your product…..its made og good quality and its light weight but there are a few more tweaks i could suggest and you qoyld have a winner

    • Cindy Sekiguchi

      Do let us know what your tweaks are. We listen to our consumers as much as it is feasible. Glad you like it.

  4. ofuros

    Added a diy cozy, slid some foil under the lid to seal, stuck it in my beanie for overnight yogurt for breakfast.

  5. Duane

    I can’t say enough good things about this cook-set.
    It definitely meets the sweet spot between lightweight and compact vs. functional gear.

  6. Jeff

    This is an excellent product! It is really versatile, superb quality, and function. Special thanks to Cindy for helping me get some spare parts for my thermostack. I have used this kit on 3 backpacking trips along with the excellent Amicus stove.

  7. steve adams

    great product!!! part of my standard kit now. Customer service is awesome!!!

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