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Amicus with Stealth Igniter + Cook Set Combo / OD-1NVE Combo

Amicus without igniter + Cook Set Combo / OD-1NV Combo*Not available in the U.S.

AeroMug + Helix Combo / OD-AM Combo

AMICUS without Igniter / OD-1NV

AMICUS with Stealth Igniter / OD-1NVE

WindMaster with Micro Regulator/ OD-1RXC

4Flex / OD-1RX4 (4-Prong pot support for WindMaster)

Navigator Cook Set/ SOD-500

AeroMug 450_120 ml/ OD-AM45_12

Helix Coffee Maker / OD-HLX

Pocket Spork / OD-SPK

Monkey Ring / OD-MR

Micro Regulator Stove / OD-1R

Igniter Repair Kit for Micro Regulator Stove / OD-1RP

Compact Foldable Stove / OD-1BS

Muka Stove / OD-1NP

Wide Mouth Fuel Bottle / SOD-700-04, -07, -10

Wide Mouth Fuel Bottle for USA / OD-LF480, LF720

Generator Unit / OD-GRN

Maintenance Kit for Muka Stove / OD-MKN

O2 Maximizer and MUKA Pro Windscreen, Heat Reflective Sheet / OD-WH

Fuel Bottle Cap / OD-BTC

Field Hopper / ST-630

Compact Foldable Lantern / OD-LRC

Two Burner Stove / OD-2AL

Dual Grill / OD-DG

Stainless Dutch Oven / OD-SD

Pocket Torch / PT-14SB

Pocket Torch Extended / PT-XT

Micro Windscreen / OD-1RW

Compact Mantle / OD-MTC

Compact Glass Globe / OD-GGC

Fill Adaptor